Firefox does not show site with no-cache and memory cache disabled

23 January 2006, 2:25 am ISTFiled under: Mozilla

I have been experiencing Firefox taking up large amount of memory (in access of 100MB) after surfing for a while with many tabs open. So, I looked around on internet for a possible fix for the situation. After little searching, I found that you can disable the memory cache of Firefox by setting the value

browser.cache.memory.capacity=0 or

This did solve the problem, firefox was now using less memory than previously. But an interesteing thing started to happen. Some of the sites I surf regularly like my own digitalAmit, Sitepoint blogs and interestingly Google Desktop Search Homepage stopped displaying.

After tinkering with different attributes and values, I figured out that Firefox does not shows sites with Cache-Control: no-cache; when you disable memory cache.

Note: I am using Firefox 1.5 on Widnows. Other plateforms may not have this problem. Could someone please confirm this.

Update!: This has been already submitted to the bugzilla as bug 184304 with only one difference that instead of Cache-Control: no-cache; it is Cache-Control: no-store;

User comments

Scott Bram (eatgrits at gmail dot com) from     29 April 2006, 01:35 pm IST
I wish I had located your page sooner. I was also trying to reduce Firefox memory usage and altered various settings to that address it. I lost my customized Google page and it took me a couple days to come to the same conclusion.
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