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14 January 2006, 10:13 am ISTFiled under: Technology, Music is an interesting site. Its a part social networking, part music profiling, part discovering music. And its neat (and free too!).

Ok, here is how it works, you start by signing up and creating a unique username for yourself. Then you download plugin for your favourite music player, be it Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Yahoo Music Engine (and even more). And you are done! (Well atleast your part is done.)

What now ?

So whenever you listen to your favourite song, plugin uploads the Artist name and Song Title to its website. This starts building your music profile or as we say "whats your noise". In due time, this becomes a bit comprehensive and the system will start recommending artists, other users, books, etc that match your music taste and profile. It even recommends radio stations which are playing music to your taste.

You can also look at what others are listening categoried by artist, country, genre and tags. So if you want to find out what songs people are listening in USA or UK or India, you can! You can also find out which are the favourite songs of the legends like Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Jagjit Singh or Lata Mangeshkar.

So, get start now! And don't forget to look at what I listen to ... and do recommend some of what you are listening too!

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