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24 February 2005, 11:01 pm ISTFiled under: Google

Google has just added the movie: to their search. By using this operator you can search for a movie or anything related to it. You can even find out Multiplexes near you (as if movie buffs don't already know that).

The search comes up as a review of the movie with star ratings. And this is all generated by a computer algorithm ala Google News. There are few interesting thing about the search page though:

  • There are no ads placed in the page. I think google would wait for the content to increase before enabling ads here.
  • Only one page result is shown even for popular movies and stars like Pretty Woman, Tom Cruise
  • Not much content available (or rather indexed) for India movies. Even reviews of latest bollywood flicks Black, Swades.

Ah well I guess I would have to wait a couple of years before I can search reviews about the latest Bollywood movies in detail on Google.

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