PHP5 ready to take off

28 September 2004, 3:37 pm ISTFiled under: PHP

As with an new release of the software, administrators (and powers-that-be) in an orgranization, tend to wait for the minor updates before integrating them into system; the adaption of PHP 5 in production envoirnment has been slow.

But with the release of PHP 5.0.2 and Zend releasing products which supports PHP 5, version 5 is now ready to take off!.

I myself have waited a bit longer, in order for the v5 to get stable. I am now going to install the version 5 and start using as the default development envoirnment.

You can also expect updates to the articles related to php, in next week or so.

PHP 5.0.2 Download | ChangeLog

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