Distributed computing wars: MyDoom attacks Google

28 July 2004, 12:22 pm ISTFiled under: Google

The new variant of the MyDoom, called as MyDoom.O or MyDoom.M attacked Google's search engine service by searching for emails on google. The sheer number of searches from the host computers made the google service crawl for few hours in some countries.

This does raise some questions about the uses of distributed computing at both the ends. At one end we have google using the networked distributed envoirment of 100,000 servers used for searching and other services provided by the Google. On the other hand we have the MyDoom.o and MyDoom.m using the same networked distributed envoirnment for attacking. (We cann't call the attack by MyDoom as a distributed work technically per se as there was no coordination between the computers, but I am saying because all the host computer had a single common goal of attacking the search engine google.)

This would also allow the google's Ph.D engineers to re-evaluate the security scenarios to prevent any future attacks. Yahoo, MSN should also take a hint from this.


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Mayank Gandhi (mayank dot cornell at gmail dot com) from mgzhome.com     1 August 2004, 09:38 pm IST
well according to google, nothing really happened and they fixed it all, really!? check out the Google Blog for their side of the story.
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