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6 July 2004, 7:56 am ISTFiled under: Mozilla

If you ask someone what they like most about the Firefox. Adblock and tabbed interface are most likely to be the answer you will receive, besides the usuals like pop-up blocker, download manager, extensions, etc.

My experience with Adblock in past few months is that you can block almost a large percentage of ads with very few expressions. I brief list of them is given below:

*/ads/* */Ads/* */ads.* */ad/* */banner/* */phpads/* *doubleclick* *fastclick* *adtech*

Oh, and you can also block the google ads with it */pagead/*

Do let me know what expression you use for blocking ads ?

P.S. Before you start flamming, I should mention that a major portion of this list is shown on the adblock site itself.

User comments

Fred (brfsa at yahoo dot com)     24 September 2004, 06:33 am IST
Good Tips, excelent. Works perfect!!!! No more adds at all while browsing. p.s. Try this to block Yahoo Ads: ** or just **
Z     12 January 2005, 04:43 am IST
AdBlock also contributes a lot to making websurfing faster as all those pages don't have to wait for those ad scripts to complete and load their crap.
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