Apple's New iPod Touch

7 September 2007, 5:49 am ISTFiled under: Music, Apple

After lot of speculation and betting (yes what do you think, this is Apple product?), Apple has released the new widescreen with touch capabilities (same as in iPhone) aptly named iPod Touch starting at $299.

You can view (or download) the guide tour.

Alright, you so called "my friends" living in USA; next time you land in India, you better have an iPod Touch with you as a gift for me or you are in trouble. Or is there a generous soul out there who is willing to send/gift/donate (for my music listening pleasure!) a unit; will get a lots of blessings from you.

Any company out there who maybe want to get there site designed for an iPod Touch.

<Will Code for iPod Touch />

[Via Engadget]

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